Ted Slocum

Absurdity, gambling, mindfulness, programming, golf, well-being, and my opinions.

15 Dec 2021


My friend is getting a Tesla! I almost want to fly down to visit just to get a chance to drive it. The coolest thing abo...
14 Dec 2021

Obligations vs Values

One of the strange lingering effects of coming off of retreat is the change in attitude to what had previously been thou...
13 Dec 2021

Counselor Who Can Laugh

One of the many things I love about my counselor is that they can laugh. They laugh if I happen to say something funny (...
12 Dec 2021

Practical Philosophy

One of the great joys in my life is practical philosophy — the exploration of ideas that can be implemented in our lives...
11 Dec 2021

Trusting Your Own Experience

On my journey to be more honest with myself, I am beginning to think Carl Rogers' concept of “trusting your own ex...