Ted Slocum

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05 Jan 2023

2023 Resolutions

2022 was just fucking weird. Highlights: splitting up with my girlfriend and moving in with my grandfather to be his pri...
19 Dec 2021

Fasting Extra Time

While fasting, you find yourself with a surprising amount of extra time on your hands. While the fasted stated of your b...
18 Dec 2021

Deep Pragmatism

What a cool term! Along with all of its positive connotations, pragmatism has a stink to it. It is associated with shall...
17 Dec 2021

Desire for Musical Skills

I want to have musical skills. And I want them for only two reasons. And the reasons are very weird and perhaps creepy: ...
16 Dec 2021

Close Spots

The lingering poker player in my head tells me not to anguish over real-world close spots — decisions where the expected...