Ted Slocum

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10 Dec 2021

First Friday

Today marks the first observance of First Friday, where I attempt to write blog posts for the entire month in one day. I...
09 Dec 2021

A Friendly Mind

Another way of putting being kind to yourself is being friends with your mind. And while most people think of themselves...
08 Dec 2021

X Is Wrong About Y

I have been finding it useful to say “X person in my life is wrong about Y issue”. Literally speak the words...
07 Dec 2021

A Friendly Wager

Jonny was worried that his friend was not going to be retained by his employer after her internship concluded. Given wha...
06 Dec 2021

The 2 Hour Workday (Blog Idea)

The idea: Work two hours a day next year on endeavors with immediate remuneration. My lovely girlfriend “bemoans&r...