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16 Dec 2021

Close Spots

The lingering poker player in my head tells me not to anguish over real-world close spots — decisions where the expected outcome/happiness/well-being/result/etc are of similar values. In poker you learn not to anguish over close spots because your attention is always better spent elsewhere.

Real life example from yesterday: Decision between going on an impromptu holiday with my girlfriend who has been wanting to take a holiday together for a long time OR going home to be with my family on when my brother and his wife are due to have their first child.

Both are wonderful opportunities that make us and the people we care about happier in commensurate proportion.

So just flip a coin, right? The cost of time and energy spent of going back and forth is unnecessary and could be better spent elsewhere?

On one hand I think that is correct. However, there are subtle things to be gained by anguishing over close spots. I can think of two: One, the act of bringing to mind what is important. I can always use a good reminder of this. Two, going through the decision making process is “the stuff of life”. It halts automaticity, if only for a few minutes.

So… don’t anguish over close spots, or do.