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24 Oct 2021

Writer Friend

In my opinion, Jonny is a very good writer. I would love reading his blog even if he wasn’t (I imagine that is his experience of reading this blog), but the fact that he is also a good writer makes the experience simply wonderful.

My other blogging friend, Arthur, on the other hand, is taking the writing thing seriously. He is venturing to became an actual professional writer!

How cool is that?

Answer: Pretty fucking cool.

And the seat that I have watching the journey is beyond cool. I saw him struggle disconnecting from poker, making hard to bear mistakes in the process. I saw his fascination with writing sprout and then bloom. I saw him not share or publish anything for a very long time. I saw him experiment with different forms of writing. I saw him put in a ton of work learning. And now I am getting to watch him publish essays.

I am so excited to keep watching and reading.