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22 Nov 2021

Twitter Timelock Investments

I have probably already written about this; please forgive me. However, I want to write about it again!

The idea is for a blog (and potentially the seed for a business): Take twitter posts, invest based on their advice, lock the investments for 10 years.

Seems like an awful idea, but here is specifically why it is a good one:

  1. While Twitter can be a mud-slinging, hateful-filled, click-baity, self-involved, shit-throwing, infinite-scroll… it also is home to some beautiful and wise minds who share information freely.
  2. We live in an unintuitive world where one exponential success paired with a dozen failures could outperform standard traditional investments.
  3. Exponential ideas take time to be built, spread, adopted, and monetized. In the mean time we neurotic humans tend to make horribly ill-advised decisions. Time-locking the investment prevents the us from “trading”.
  4. Avoiding regret. If I time-locked $500 in Bitcoin when I told my Mom how interesting it was in 2011 (or there about) would look like about $2,000,000 today (ten years later). It hurts.

The blog would be simple and fun:

  1. Posts on the investments made. Say one a month.
  2. A bit of backstory on the people giving the advice.
  3. Perhaps the logistics of making the investment and time-locking it.
  4. Tracking the investments vs traditional metrics.