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06 Dec 2021

The 2 Hour Workday (Blog Idea)

The idea: Work two hours a day next year on endeavors with immediate remuneration.

My lovely girlfriend “bemoans” the fact that I don’t have a salaried or regular paying job. She understandably doesn’t understand or feel completely comfortable with my choice to forgo short-term money and stress as part of my plan to build things and tinker as a means of making money in the long-term.

But I want to make her happy. And so a new experiment is in order: The two hour work day!

The spirit will be that of experimentation and curiosity. I will cast a large net and see what we drag it.

The procedure will be to progressively level up by quickly becoming semi-competent in an endeavor, estimating its expected hourly rate (and variance), and then moving on to something that I suspect has a higher hourly rate.

The goal is to get up to $75/hour this first year.