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21 Nov 2021


An app/website idea in “initial idea development” stage: One stop shop for issues around death. End of life care options (where to live), estate planning, funeral stuff, how to be with with loved ones who are dying, spiritual teachings, heath-mandates, last wishes, etc.

There are courses and inspiring people who teach and practice all these issues. I want to learn more because all I know now is that it is an unfortunate part of our culture that we do not talk about death until too late in life, if ever. And when we do talk about it, it is difficult. The emotional intensity, the foreign nature of the topic to our western western minds, and the fact each of us only dies once and doesn’t come back with the skills to do it again with more grace, happiness, and equanimity.

The idea is that the app would be a checklist of the most important things to consider around the dying process. Each item would have educational resources. And “software [could continue to] eat the world” where it makes sense. Perhaps an easy online estate plan or health-mandates would be a good feature to save users cost and logistical bull-shit finding and paying people who wear suits and have letters that you don’t understand on their desk’s nameplate. I would rather discuss and plan end of life issues with a resourceful app sitting around the kitchen table with my family.

Name: REST

A thank you to Lilian for the idea.