Ted Slocum

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26 Nov 2021


One thing my mind kept wanting to do while I was on retreat was to think about all the ways this newfound experience and insight was going to shape my life. And while that is what I want, I am calling bullshit on the the minds ability to set goal and forecast sweeping changes in ones life.

No more meat. Sit for 90 minutes every day. Spend time on retreat every year. Have a new relationship with my partner. Change the pace of my life. Stop doing things that lead to more craving. Etc… All beautiful and well-intended things (“skillful actions” in Buddhist language), but also all naive fabrications of the mind (“bullshit” in my language).

So I come out of this wonderful silent meditation retreat with no pronouncements or goals other than the intention to be a little kinder to others and explore the idea of making my mind my friend.