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13 Oct 2021

Marathon Mind

Today I ran a 13.4 miles, the longest I have ever trotted, and I still had some fuel left in the tank. Although I only have two weeks before I need to run twice what I ran today, I am very enthused and hopeful. I purchased another pair of insoles that worked well today, I tried and loved the gels and gummy supplements while running, and I am generally enjoying the entire experience – the rituals around stretching, the taste of my sweat, the pushing through mild discomfort, the mental clarity after running, and the satisfaction of attaining personal records. Plus, the feeling of completing this challenge would be joyous and memorable.

I have even planned a route to do the marathon. This weekend I will bike it to make sure the mapping tool is accurate and to have some familiarity with the route.

All this being said, any good luck you can send my way would be appreciated and will be put to good use.