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28 Oct 2021

Marathon Equipment

On my journey towards training and running a marathon in under two months I have picked up some equipment. My notion that shoes were the only equipment this runner needed turned out to be wrong.

First it was a new pair of Hoka shoes.

Then I started trying to take care of my lower legs. I use the metal water-bottle for rolling my calves, the green ball to rolling my feet, and the Theragun for calf recovery and massaging.

When my plantar fasciitis didn’t go away I bought a $50 pair of insole. They helped, but the arch was too high on my left foot and so I bought another $50 pair with lower arches.

Then when I started my running more than a dozen miles I started buying and consuming gummies and gels.

Yesterday I bought a $15 pair of socks to help with blistering.

And still I need a water-bottle.

It was a fun two months of collecting… spending… I mean training.

I am running the 26.2 miles today!