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04 Dec 2021

Learnings From Blogging

Ten things I learned (past tense) by writing a daily blog consecutively for nearly two years:

  1. I write poorly at 11:30pm. Imagine that.
  2. Sometimes I have nothing to say.
  3. It is difficult to put life into words, but it is a skill that I want to improve at.
  4. I really enjoy and take inspiration from reading my friends' writing.
  5. Answering the question “Are you coming to bed with me?” with “No, I have to write my blog” is not an optimal mating strategy.
  6. Along the way I shed all embarrassment about WHAT I write.
  7. I am still very much embarrassed about HOW I write.
  8. Markdown is a great tool.
  9. I like having a repository of my thoughts for my future less occupied self to peruse one day.
  10. Keeping a daily blog helps you pay a little more attention to the world. Some part of your brain is naturally caffeinated and on the look for todays blog topic. And it’s nice to pay attention.