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17 Nov 2021

Interesting Take on Cancel Culture

From it is way over-blown to it’s stifling discourse. From it’s about time people are held accountable to it is the new form of censorship. Everyone has a take on cancel-culture. Personally, I think the topic is getting a little old. And that’s why this novel take is so exciting!

Chamath Palihapitiya thinks that cancel culture’s days are numbered. It is a product of people who had private lives and hidden sins. But the generations coming of age now have public lives and their sins are hosted on Twitter, Instagram, and mediocre blog posts for all to see. And given this fact, people will have no choice but to forgive everyone for their past selves, lest they themselves be judged by the cancel police for their retrograde Halloween costume.

I hope he is right and the we transition into a world where past mistakes and faux pas will carry weight only in that they may inform us about your current character. And we can go back to talking substantive topics.