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19 Oct 2021

New Blog Writing Routine

Starting in November I am going to experiment with a new way to write posts for the blog. I am going to take one day every three weeks and dedicate it to writing 21 posts. The hypothesis is as follows:

  1. The quality will be better. Waiting until 11pm each to write is surely not for quality.
  2. The content will be more meaningful. I will have 1-21 days to digest and think about topics before writing them down.
  3. It will help me retain more knowledge through spaced repetition.
  4. Whenever I hear, read, or think about something that I want to write about I can jot it down, knowing that I will come back to it soon.
  5. I tend to do silly 1-2 week experiments. Writing posts every three weeks fits nicely with that rhythm.
  6. This practice will be a great excuse for coffee and a donut.