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15 Nov 2021

Death Keeps Coming Up

Everywhere babies are popping out. It’s great.

Death also keeps coming up. 6 feet under, my grandfather facing the end of his life, horrible covid stories, and now this podcast from one of my heroes.

I think I have a decent relationship with death; but I would like to have a terrific one. I would like to appreciate being alive more. I would like to feel the time spent with those I love is more precious. I would like to contemplate what I want to accomplish in the next 60 years. I would like to choose what is worth doing and what is worth ignoring in light of the fact that time is limited.

While I try to work on a better relationship with death, I want to keep in mind that one feeling I don’t want to blindly cultivate is the of feeling “rushed”. That feeling alone, I don’t think, is very useful. On the other hand, perhaps, I will learn to function better while feeling rushed and that rushed is not a problem, but a powerful motivator to living an examined life.