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03 Dec 2021

Losing The Blogging Bet

It looks like I lost the last longer blogging bet. While I was gone on retreat my auto-poster worked, but it looks like I should have built in idiot-proofing functionality that would tell me that I simply forgot to upload a post.

I am sure my partner in blogging would generously let me off the hook, but I will take this opportunity to proudly bow out (i.e. lose) the last-longer bet. GG Jonny, how would you like it?[1]

In an effort to simplify my rutina cotidiana (daily routine), go to bed with my partner more often, and explore my natural motivation to continue I won’t be renewing the bet. The two years of daily posting has had its ebbs and flows and taught me a lot…

Which I intend to write about in tomorrow’s post :)

[1]: “How would you like it?” I always love hearing those words casually offered at the casino cage after session or at the bank counter. In part because it is so strange that you hand someone clay circles or an account id and they hand you legal money. In part because there are many sexual jokes to be made in that situation. But mostly because of a memory I have with my older brother. We were young — maybe it was his first paycheck — and we went into the bank together to cash a check. Excited! After the initial formalities of cashing a check, the bank teller asked him “How would you like it?”. Not knowing that she meant “In which denominations do you want it?”, my brother reeled in thought for a split second before replying “In cash?”. I laughed and still do.