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27 Oct 2021

Autopost Test Run

This post should have been published early in the morning – while I was sleeping – using this script.

One of the cool parts of this blog is the number of different languages and technologies that it is supported by. I am sure I will be missing some, but off the top of my head:

  • Hugo (blogging framework)
  • Golang (programming language used by Hugo)
  • AWS Lambda, EventBridge, Amplify (infrastructure that builds and hosts the blog)
  • Markdown (syntax the blog is written in)
  • Python (programming language for blog scripts and lambdas)
  • GitHub’s repositories (storing the content of the blog)
  • Git (version management and uploading posts)
  • HTML (structure of web pages)
  • CSS (styling of web pages)
  • JavaScript (functionality of web pages)
  • HTTP + TLS (browser-server connection)