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02 Dec 2021


Preparing for an extended fast has three components more than a few components for me:

  1. Determining if now is an appropriate time and place to perform it. In the past I have attempted extended fasts at bad times and in places where the conditions were not supportive.
  2. Cleaning out the fridge. In my experience, I have trouble overcoming this specific excuse for breaking a fast early: “I don’t want X to go to waste”.
  3. Come to terms with the fact that my body and mind will be abnormal over the next week.
  4. Decide on the purpose of the fast, as different purposes require different procedures.
  5. Get on the same page as my partner and invite them to participate for a portion of the fast.
  6. Making sure I have sea salt and filtered water.
  7. Pick out a good book and a reading spot. Sleeping will be sporadic over the next week.
  8. Remind myself that I have experience doing this and trusting that I am wise enough to stop the fast if necessary.
  9. Eating lots of spinach in the days leading up. I don’t know why I do this :)
  10. Enjoying the last meal.